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Jessica Vercauteren

Student Success Coordinator; Learning Coach


  • Salem State University: BS Education- English and History
  • Concordia: Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction


USPA’s Student Success Coordinator, Jessica, has 17 years experience as both an English and history teacher and has always enjoyed the academic world. She has a bachelor’s degree in Education with a concentration in the humanities, and a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Having spent time developing curriculum for both the English and History departments to better align them with Common Core standards, Jess has extensive experience in teaching and creating pedagogical content. Jessica has completed professional development in special education related teaching practices and has her certification in SEI (Structured English Immersion) instruction. Jessica has always worked with children in some capacity; whether working with at-risk youth as a mentor and job counselor, running a local soccer summer development program, or initiating a school Gay Straight Alliance program, she loves to empower young people to meet their goals. Jessica’s passion is literature and writing. When not engaging in academics, Jessica also loves to hike, paddelboard, and explore with her 13 year-old daughter in her home state of New Hampshire. She is an avid reader and loves connecting her students to great books.