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We believe that effective college counseling is marked by purpose, planning and balance. This leads to results.

Personalized Whole Student Development

USPA’s college counseling program provides a comprehensive, holistic approach with a focus on whole student-athlete development. We mentor students academically, athletically, and personally as they navigate the college application process, emphasizing this important opportunity for great personal growth and life learning for each student athlete. We also personalize the process to meet the individual interests, goals, needs, and aptitudes of each student.

We Support the Student Performance Across these Key Areas:

Academic Profile: course selection, rigor, grades, testing, transcripts
Extracurricular Engagement: sports, dance, arts, club
Summer Productivity: training, work, study, internships, and travel
Leadership: volunteering, service initiatives, common good
Application Tactics: college planning form, college target list, essays, supplements, recommendations, interviews, resumes, portfolios

Graduation Requirements: A Total of 20 Credits are Required to Graduate

English: 4 Credits
Math: 3 Credits (including Algebra II)
Science: 3 Credits (including Biology and Chemistry)
History: 3 Credits (including US and World History)
World Language: 2 Credits (minimum of two levels of the same language)
Health: 0.5 credit
Electives: 4.5 Credits

Celebrating Student Success

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By Megan Burch | Academics

USPA Launches Postgraduate Program 

Enhancing  College-Bound Success  US Performance Academy (USPA), is pleased to announce The PG@USPA postgraduate program.  Offering a flexible online education for recent high school graduates, PG@USPA is designed to enhance…

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By Julie Glusker | Academics

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: What to Know About Advanced Placement 

Many roads lead to college, but for US Performance Academy student athletes, the road is paved with perseverance and performance in sport and school. The road is also paved with…

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By Julie Glusker | Academics

Building the College Target List

Building a college target list as a student athlete can seem overwhelming, but with theright approach, it can be a smooth and enjoyable process. The first step is to consider…

Voices in our Community

USPA has been a game–changer for our family! Our daughter was in a fantastic private school prior to joining USPA in 6th grade, but she is a competitive figure skater, and it was becoming harder and harder for the school to accommodate her training schedule. We decided to make the jump to online school, and the transition has been very smooth.”

Eva Beninson, USPA Student, Figure Skating

The support of my learning coach meant the world to me. Without his guidance and encouragement through the tough times, I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today. The entire experience at USPA had an immense impact on me and prepared me to be my best self at the US Coast Guard Academy.”

Laura Slovensky, USPA Alumni, Sailing

USPA was crucial for me in my journey to being signed to a professional soccer team. My teachers and learning coach enabled my studies to be very flexible, yet still rigorous. I am grateful for all the support!”

Malcolm Fry, USPA Student, New England Revolution