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Middle & High School
Grades 6-12


Real Time
Real Relationships


School Goes Where You Go

Think of our learning coaches as personal trainers for academics. A learning coach is assigned to every student upon enrollment and remains with them throughout their entire USPA journey. Many of our students think of their learning coach as a mentor. This relationship is crucial for the support of the students and parents at USPA.

At USPA, we are able to get to know our students and customize their learning path. In addition to our traditional coursework, we offer AP classes, student support and extracurricular activities.

Our teachers, learning coaches and learning specialists are connecting with each student an average of 2 1/2  hours per week. This connection goes well beyond the classroom and offers our students support they need while living in the demanding environment of an elite athlete.
Student Pathways
Meeting the Unique
Needs of Every Student

Student Support

At USPA, we understand that every student learns differently. We believe students will be successful when given the tools to learn the way their brain works best.

College Counseling

USPA’s college counseling program is second to none. Our students are guided through the college selection process, which we know is complex for athletes. Our college counselors will work with every student individually and support them in achieving their goals.

Neurodivergent Learners

USPA recognizes that highly competitive athletes bring a myriad of learning styles to the educational process. USPA’s GOAL program embraces the ever-evolving learning profiles found among middle and high school students.

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At USPA we pride ourselves in partnering with the most trusted and credible association in sport.

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Voices from Our Community

The support of my learning coach meant the world to me. Without his guidance and encouragement through the tough times, I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today. The entire experience at USPA had an immense impact on me and prepared me to be my best self at the US Coast Guard Academy.”

Laura Slovensky, USPA Alumni, Sailing

USPA was crucial for me in my journey to being signed to a professional soccer team. My teachers and learning coach enabled my studies to be very flexible, yet still rigorous. I am grateful for all the support!”

Malcolm Fry, USPA Student, New England Revolution

USPA enabled me to pursue my hockey career without worrying about missing school and getting behind on assignments. The teachers at USPA supported my academics and my love for hockey, this enabled me to succeed in both.

Seth Murch, USPA Alumni, Maine Nordiques