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Human Connection

US Performance Academy is unlike any other school. Designed by athletes and educators, the approach specifically benefits driven students who are training, traveling, competing, and pushing to the next level. The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar. The support system keeps students involved, motivated, and on track to success. And the focus on the student-athlete’s future goals and aspirations opens up a doorway to future opportunities.

US Performance Academy is the accredited, private, online school designed for high-performance athletes.

“My son is really enjoying his online classes and doesn’t have to worry about missed school days anymore. Our family made a great choice!”
— Jose Carvajal, Parent
“USPA has enabled me to take my tennis to the next level. The flexibility allows me to study hard and train hard.”
— Patricia Grigoras, ’25
“I am a full time ski racer and Junior at USPA. I travel constantly chasing snow and USPA is the only school that not only allows me to pursue my goals, but is very supportive.”
— Allison Mollin, ’23
At US Performance Academy, we bring Human Connection and Flexibility with innovation to our students and families. Our team is focused on ensuring our students have the best resources to accomplish school wherever they are in the world.

We pride ourselves with meaningful connections with our student athletes. Our Learning Coaches and Faculty spend on average 2.5 hours per week/per student of one-on-one connection.

Tuition includes all of the services below with no extra fees:
  • All coursework and content by USPA subject expert teachers
  • A customized learning platform built in collaboration with the team who created the platform for Harvard Business School
  • A Learning Coach who meets weekly with each student. The Learning Coach mentors and supports the student and parents. The Learning Coach assists with course selection and maintains pacing during the students’ entire time at USPA.
  • Holistic, student athlete-centric College Counseling services for grades 9-12
  • College Recruiting Services
  • Dual Enrollment options beginning in 9th grade; USPA students can earn college credit with our dual enrollment program.
  • Advanced Placement  & Honors Course options
  • Multiple extracurricular activities for students to connect, such as e-sports club, book club, etc…
  • A centralized Hub to encourage and enable communication and community-building
  • No fees for high school matriculation or diploma

 “At USPA, the enrollment process has been simple, transparent and most importantly, my child is achieving their academic goals and building meaningful relationships with the amazing team of learning coaches and teachers.”

– USPA Parent

Middle School, Grades, 6-8: $14,000 Full Academic Year (2 semesters)
High School, Grades, 9-12: $16,000 Full Academic Year (2 semesters)

Middle School, Grades 6-8: $7,500 (1 semester)
High School, Grades,9-12: $8,500  (1 semester)

Middle School, Grades 6-8: $4,000 (Single Course)
High School, Grades,9-12: $4,500 (Single Course)

Sibling discount and payment plans are available.

If you have a Neuro-Divergent Student/Athlete or a Neurotypical Student/Athlete that just needs extra support we have programs called GOAL and BOOST at USPA . The GOAL and BOOST programs are not included in the above rate.

Learn More about our Student Support Programs here: https://gouspa.org/neurodiverse/

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Group Tuition Information

USPA works with a variety of partners. If you are a member of one of our partnership programs, please contact us for your specific pricing. If you have an organization or team looking to partner with USPA, we encourage you to contact us to discuss discounted group tuition.

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