With Thanksgiving in the air, we are reminded to ask ourselves, “What am I thankful for?” This year at USPA, we have plenty of gifts that we appreciate.

Our Family
That’s right, we mean you! The relationship we have with you: parents, students, & coaches. We enjoy getting to know you all in your unique settings. We are grateful to be able to chat with you wherever you happen to be, to celebrate your wins, learn together from your losses, and enjoy a school/family relationship unlike any other. Without our USPA family, we wouldn’t be USPA. We recognize that the community we have formed together is part of what sets us apart.

Our Partnerships
Throughout this year, we have been able to learn a great deal about different sports, athletes, and teams. The folks that we have made relationships with have helped us to grow and strengthen as a school. Whether we met via a student or parent reference, an event, social media, or elsewhere, we appreciate the relationship! Partners keep USPA thriving and learning as we grow.

Obviously, as a digital school, we appreciate our technology every day. Whether it is a text to a student, a

video call with a parent, or an instant grade on a test on our learning platform, we couldn’t go on without it. We have a multitude of tools at our fingertips to advance upon, communicate with, and learn from.

Our Staff
USPA has a talented group of individuals running the behind the scenes details. We are thankful for their hard work, passion, and skills to make our school the best it can be. They dedicate their time to student success and building relationships. Our school is what is it is because of them and we are thankful for that.

Our Opportunities
We are so lucky that we have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented, motivated, young athletes in the world. We are allowed a front row seat to their success. We also get to work with some of the most amazing coaches, parents, and community members. The opportunities we have are endless!

US Performance Academy is thankful for so much this year. We are looking forward to watching 2015 successfully close and welcoming the New Year. We hope you all have a safe and warm holiday with family and friends!

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