Chicago Hockey Academy is thrilled to partner with US Performance Academy. Their extensive support system and flexible curriculum creates an environment for students to reach their ultimate potential in both academics and athletics

—  Jimmy Andersson, President of Chicago Hockey Academy

Finding a rigorous yet flexible academic option was an important aspect for our growth. Our strategic focus includes developing our athletes not only on the ice, but in the classroom as well. Blending athletics and academics together was important for our athletes so they can be excellent students as well as excellent athletes. The USPA program enables our athletes to get more on ice training time in an affordable way. This philosophy, although new in US team sports, is prevalent in Europe and even with high performance individual sports in the US such as tennis or skiing. High end academics and athletics need not be mutually exclusive.

—  Travis Bezio, co-owner of The Rinks at Exeter

Our team is excited to be able to get on the same page academically. With the flexibility at USPA, we can train together, learn together, and grow together.

—  George Haviland, New Jersey Titans

The team at USPA has been a pleasure to work with, and they are the highest quality of individuals. We are extremely excited to help support the next generation of athletes from a performance side, as they continue to get the highest level of education with their USPA academic program. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship, continuing our mission to help all athletes achieve their peak potential, whether in school or sport.

—  Brett Kahanowitch, VP of Development at Sports Academy

Providing new and innovative opportunities for MSA student-athletes is core to our mission. Our alignment and partnership with USPA provides an educational choice that will help to enhance our student-athletes’ experience by better balancing both school and sport in pursuit of fulfilling their athletic and academic goals and aspirations year-round.

—  Peter Stokloza, Mount Snow Academy Head of School

Our athletes are training and competing on a schedule that is not conducive to a traditional school schedule. USPA provides the opportunity for balance, a college-prep education, and a personal approach to an athlete’s education.

—  Adam Andrasko, CEO of USAAS

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This is the ultimate way for us to turn the COVID-19 situation into an opportunity. This is the biggest thing in many years that bodes well for US athletes looking ahead to LA 2028.

—  Dawn Riley, Oakcliff Executive Director

We had to find a solution for our hard-working athletes. Balancing their ambitious athletic schedule with their busy academic schedule was leaving them exhausted. With USPA, we were impressed with the flexibility, level of support, and how everything is personalized for each student-athlete. Being able to offer them a chance to work towards their U.S. diploma while training together as a team is just what we needed.

—  Patrick Bonnefil Owner General Manager of FC Toro

We are super excited to partner with USPA. We have had a lot of inquiries from athletes who would like to find a way to reach their academic and ski racing dreams. Together, this partnership allows them to do that at an affordable price. Our fees, combined with USPA fees, offer a substantial discount on the ever increasing costs of academies resulting in less travel costs to races, an overseas cultural experience and fantastic training options throughout northern Italy.

—  Chris, USPA Partner Coach

Getting our team on the same page academically has helped us exceed athletically.

—  USPA Partner

An athlete's competition and training schedule is demanding at times. However, Anya's USPA Learning Coach continually teaches Anya that it is possible to chase her artistic swimming dreams while pursuing a quality education.

—  Thurman, USPA Parent

As parents, we appreciate USPA's positive, proactive approach to education by offering schedule flexibility and valuable Learning Coach guidance.

—  Jen, USPA Parent

Thank you so much to you and the educational team on the ground at USPA. Your team was always professional and wonderful to our son. You helped him in every way you could to get him to where he now needs to be. We will always remember you, your team, and USPA with fondness and appreciate you.

—  Susan. USPA Parent

It was very helpful for Anya to have a learning coach that is also an elite athlete. Nicole readily understands, not only the USPA system, but also the demands and challenges of a young, elite athlete who is living away from home. It was very nice for me as a parent to watch them develop a bond over the year. Throughout the year, I saw this dynamic change. Anya became more independent, and now she calls Nicole first for any academic question that she has. Anya really looks up to Nicole and highly values her advice. She trusts her, and as a parent, I could not ask for anything better.

—  Jennifer, USPA Parent

I wanted to write and tell you how well the USPA program worked for her while she trained with the Junior Artistic Swimming National Team. We are very happy with the content of the USPA curriculum and especially pleased with the people who worked with Anya over the course of the year.

—  Jennifer, USPA Parent

In an online learning world, this was an excellent option for our son to graduate from grade 12 while playing football in Spain. Thanks USPA.

—  Ross, USPA Parent

Nicole Ross is Anya’s USPA Learning Coach and was a large part of her success this year. Nicole was a positive force and always had a solution when Anya was feeling overwhelmed. The artistic swimming schedule can change throughout the course of the year. Since Anya cannot control the calendar or when the changes occur, it can at times be stressful for her. When the organization added practice time or competitions, it was so nice to know that Anya had Nicole, her academic advocate. Nicole was always very responsive and worked hard to help Anya rearrange her schedule so that Anya could complete her academic assignments while pursuing her dreams. The schedule flexibility that Nicole was able to provide was key to Anya’s success and, honestly, her sanity.

—  Jennifer, USPA Parent

My son is really enjoying his online classes and doesn't have to worry about missed school days any more. Our family made a great choice!

—  Jose Carvajal, Parent

"Being a student at USPA has allowed me to pursue both a high school education and elite athletics at the same time. The flexibility this program offers is one of the major contributing factors to why I am able to balance both. I have the ability to arrange my school schedule and classes at a time and pace that works best with my practice schedule. I don't have to worry about missed school days anymore."

—  Chase, USPA Student

It’s crazy to me how much I’ve grown in the past two years though my USPA journey. If I told myself two years ago what I would be like now, almost through junior year and preparing to apply to my dream schools, being so mature and independent, I would NEVER believe it. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and all that it has taught me, and I look forward to finishing it out strong.

—  Fatima, USPA Student

USPA teachers are amazing. They really care about your academics as well as your athletics. As a ski racer I travel year-round chasing winter,” says Allison. “USPA allows me to travel whenever and wherever I need."

—  Allison - USPA Student

USPA has enabled me to take my tennis to the next level. The flexibility allows me to study hard and train hard.

—  Patricia Grigoras, '25

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