The accredited, private, online, middle & high school created for high-performance athletes

US Performance Academy is designed for young athletes looking for a school that supports their unique schedule, creates a pathway towards their personal, professional, and athletic goals, and leverages the latest technology for an on-the-go environment.

While most of our students are athletes, we are a performance academy and want to support all areas of performance: this includes art, music, acting, or other areas of interest.

The supportive, flexible, innovative school you have been searching for.

US Performance Academy is unlike any other school. Designed by athletes and educators, the approach specifically benefits driven students who are training, traveling, competing, and pushing to the next level. The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar. The support system keeps students involved, motivated, and on track to success. And the focus on the student-athletes future goals and aspirations opens up a doorway to future opportunities. US Performance Academy is an accredited, private, online school designed for high-performance athletes.

President Pete Smith introduces USPA

Founded in 2013

US Performance Academy was created with families like yours in mind. USPA President, Pete Smith, learned firsthand during his Olympic campaign about the time and commitment a student-athlete needs to dedicate to their sport in order to succeed. Those experiences, combined with his time at Columbia, and his time running traditional schools allowed him to understand that handing a student a pile of worksheets and labeling them as “supportive” just isn’t good enough.

Learning doesn’t need to be dictated by where you are in the world. Students don’t need to be in a classroom, sitting in rows of desks. It can be so much better and it needs to be so much better.

That’s why we created US Performance Academy. Designed by athletes and educators, we understand your schedule, your priorities, your unique goals, and your struggles facing academics. We offer solutions, not more roadblocks. We have created a community, a flexible school schedule, and a support system unlike any other.

When we opened our virtual doors, we dreamed of providing an educational solution for high-performance athletes. Today we are pleased to say that we are reaching and helping student-athletes across the U.S. and internationally.

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