Student Support System

Every student is encased in support. USPA is designed so that no student-athlete can fall through the cracks, USPA has built a support system of teachers, tutors, learning coaches, counselors, parents, coaches, and student-athletes. Many USPA faculty members have an athletic background which provides them the understanding of what it takes to be a competitive athlete. This unique experience is important for helping our students to excel in their goals.

Planning For The Future

USPA Parent Interview

From day 1, student-athletes are able to direct their education towards a focused, future goal. Whether a student is Olympic, career, or college focused, Learning coaches know each student’s goal and can manipulate course loads and schedules in that direction. With NCAA approved and accredited courses, no goal is out of reach.

Technologically Advanced Curriculum

Blending challenging, comprehensive, and technologically advanced curriculum with personal relationships and assistance from Learning Coaches, USPA is able to keep student-athletes on top of their courses wherever they are in the world. The Quad is our digital platform where students can find their classrooms, courses, teachers, peers, community, resources, and more. With instant communication, video meetings, and real-time access to grades and progress, USPA strives to provide the best technological tools to families.

Personalized to Fit Your Schedule

USPA’s online calendar template allows students to schedule their coursework over a 12 month period to permit winter athletes to do more focused work during the summer and for summer athletes to increase their workload in the winter. USPA learning coaches work closely with students to plan appropriate schedules.

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