Here is how:

Accountability: Every member of our community has the opportunity to own their successes and failures.

Our students, teachers, and learning coaches meet frequently each week, willing and able to take responsibility for learning, teaching, and mentoring – and even for failures. They are consistently seeking opportunities for improvement, discussing mistakes, setting goals for progress, and finding solutions for challenges.

Flexibility: A choice in how you learn. At USPA you can learn wherever you are in the world.

Our teachers find, implement and encourage creative, innovative, spontaneous ways to teach and guide student athletes who travel globally and frequently for training and competition – Zoom meetings from airports, chair lifts or golf courses, personalized independent study projects, spontaneous instructional Pronto sessions, customized exams and assessments, and more.

Our students have full agency and freedom to do their schoolwork when, how and where they can, need and want – school goes where they go, and their achievements are theirs to lead and ours to support.

Excellence: Delivering world class education, curriculum, and student service.

USPA students are fiercely committed to success in their passions and pursuits, across school and sport. You will find them standing on the podium, winning races and rounds, choosing from college acceptances, and signing professional contracts, all while excelling academically.  These accomplishments require tenacity, focus, character, and equanimity. After viewing one of our teacher’s instructional video on plagiarism and how to properly use citations, a student sent the English teacher this message: “Respecting other’s work is important, and I’m glad that we are taught to act with integrity and be honest because it is a fundamental part of living in our world and communities”. We think this 10th grader has a pretty good grasp of what excellence means!

Human Connection: Every member in our community is trusted and cared for.

Several USPA students from different places across the country share a passion for Louis L’amour – our history teacher started a book club on Pronto, and the students ran with it – they love reading and discussing Louis L’amour and other authors and books with each other – connecting over recommendations, reading, storytelling, and authors they all like!

One of our English teachers connected with a student to discuss Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”  – and managed to remain optimistic and cheerful after a deep discussion on connections, challenges, and concepts in Poe’s storytelling.

Together our USPA team embodies our Core Values by listening intentionally, speaking thoughtfully, respecting diverse ideas, and sharing meaningful perspectives with and for our students and families. We also happen to love being teachers, coaches, mentors, and colleagues in our quest to provide education that matters.

How does Rolling Admissions work?

US Performance Academy is a rolling admissions school. We understand that flexibility combined with a human approach to your child’s education is paramount to their success.  This approach allows for student athletes to start their learning experience any time of year.  Depending on your needs as a family, we can customize the experience and discuss the  implications of each approach.  If you are interested in starting your learning experience earlier or later than the traditional school year of September, we absolutely can accommodate.  Coursework traditionally begins on a Monday of each week.  The application and enrollment process usually takes about two weeks to complete.   We take great pride in getting to know your entire family through the admissions process, the interviews and parent orientations are key elements, and present a great opportunity for everyone to ask questions and ensure we understand your child’s learning needs as well as your expectations as a parent.

Please contact our USPA Team Member, Matt Bashaw at 843-415-5000 or email for more information!

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