It’s no surprise that in the online school environment, the biggest challenge is to build a community that collaborates and feels connected on a human level. Online schools don’t have that student center that you can expect to see kids mingling, playing ping pong or even making tik toks together. Or do they?

In the last 6 months US Performance Academy has leaned heavily on one of their brand pillars; HUMAN, and asked what’s it going to take to give our student body that connection through our computer? After research, collaboration and more research, USPA is extremely excited to announce a partnership with Extension Engine. Let’s make learning remarkable. Our goal, together, to give our students the BEST online hub that customizes the learning experience for our high performing student/athletes.

Our community in addition to the flexibility of asynchronous learning, will also now have the ability to interact, to have peer discussions and also enable our student athletes to engage in learning with each other. While USPA will always be the most flexible online school for high performance athletes, we are sweetening the pot. We are invested in building our community of teachers, learning coaches, leaders and student athletes.

USPA’s new Hub is scheduled to be live by the end of this summer. A sneak peek at the progress can be seen below.

“USPA is committed to being the leader of online schools, this partnership is going to give us a platform that stands out in quality and engagement. Everyone on the USPA team will be involved.” Pete Smith, President of USPA.

We will be sure to share that first virtual ping pong game over USPA’s new hub! Please join us on our social channels as we bring our community of amazing people to the spotlight. #GoUSPA

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