Online School Dedicated to High Performing Athletes Enters the Esports World

2/28/22 – Elkins, New Hampshire – US Performance Academy (USPA), an online school dedicated to high performing athletes is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Esports Combine™, a live and virtual convention for high performing gamers.

US Performance Academy is an online school for high performing athletes, offering a flexible education for middle and high schoolers. USPA offers student athletes the ability to do their school work around their training schedules. Known for being innovators to Neurodivergent learners, USPA not only sets the bar in flexible learning but also inclusion to different learning styles.

“In the last year the introduction to Esports and the fit for USPA has been eye opening. Esports gamers have shown that they are as passionate and driven as any athlete that walks onto the athletic field. We pride ourselves in being the best online school offering family balance, human connection and flexibility. This enables our students to train in their passion and not sacrifice their education. We are excited about the value this partnership can bring to USPA and the Esports community.” Pete Smith, President of US Performance Academy

“US Performance Academy is providing cutting edge advances in the field of neurodivergent learners. Their commitment to their students and their insistence on providing new strategies for inclusion and personal development in the online space are inspiring, we are honored to have them at the Combine.” Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Office, Harena Data Inc.

The Esports Combine™ live and virtual convention is March 6th – 8th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Esports Combine™ is the world’s largest and most successful college recruiting and networking events dedicated to connecting aspiring esports players and video game fans with programs that will prepare gamers for success.

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