Online School Dedicated to High Performing Athletes Launches Inclusive Educational Support Program for Students

(December 1, 2021) Elkins, New Hampshire – US Performance Academy (USPA), an online school dedicated to high performing athletes today announces the launch of a new educational support program, Guided Opportunities for Achievement and Learning (G.O.A.L.).  The program identifies the connection of neurodiverse learning needs among high achieving athletes to bring a personalized approach and wealth of resources to help them flourish. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the diagnoses that encompasses neurodiversity. A study published in Sports Health, 2018 revealed the prevalence of ADHD in athletes from 15–19 years, ranged from 4.2% to 8.1%. suggesting ADHD could be more common in athletes compared to the general population. 

Carrie McGillicuddy, USPA’s Director of Student Services, MSW counselor, elite dancer and mother of a neurodiverse learner helped develop the G.O.A.L.’program. 

“Since starting my work with USPA the increasing data demonstrating neurodiverse tendencies of student athlete’s is eye-opening,” said McGillicuddy.  “Long term success for student athletes directly correlates with both cognitive skills and social emotional learning. I am proud to offer G.O.A.L. and help all students in need to reach their full potential.”

G.O.A.L. embraces the ever-evolving learning profiles found among adolescent students, especially high performing athletes. Whether a student has a specific learning disability, ADHD, is gifted, is twice-exceptional, or has a condition that requires an accessible educational environment, US Performance Academy is intentional in providing appropriate support to students and families. 

U.S. Performance Academy uses a leveled support system based on specific accommodations and 1:1 live support with a Learning Specialist or Learning Coach ranging from .5-1.5 hours per week. Since student-athletes bring a myriad of learning styles to the educational process neurotypical students also benefit from G.O.A.L.’s accommodations. 

“It can be tough for highly competitive student-athletes to navigate academics with their demanding schedules,” said Peter Smith, USPA Founder and President. “USPA creates a community where online education and performance intersect offering a human connection with flexibility to nurture a path to sustainable success.” 

USPA was founded in 2013 by Smith who learned firsthand the time, dedication and mental skills it takes to pursue high-level athletics while competing for placement on the 2000 Olympic sailing team. Those experiences, along with earning a Master’s degree in Independent School Leadership from the Klingenstein Institute, Columbia University, inspired Pete to establish USPA.  


US PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is the online school for high performing athletes for grades 6-12 that provides the flexibility to achieve both athletic and academic success. Through a comprehensive educational support program for the whole student athlete, USPA teachers, learning coaches, counselors, and athletic coaches create a community where online education and performance intersect with a human connection. 

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