Leveraging The Latest Technology

An adaptive approach with unique platforms while remaining athlete-focused

USPA uses a proprietary online platform with on-the-go access. The online community of support is designed for families, students, and coaches to work together. The digital environment allows for real-time instruction, support, and access to status and grade reporting.

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  • Courses are accredited by AdvancedED and NCAA approved

  • Highly-qualified and certified teachers work 1:1 with students and communicate via video conferencing, live chat, telephone, and text

  • Learning coaches who support students and families beyond the classroom

  • Access to on-demand tutoring 6 days a week, 17 hours a day

  • Interactive and engaging courses with on demand video instruction by real teachers

Middle School Course Catalog
High School Course Catalog

Course Elements

  • Instruction on key concepts and skills through expert on-screen teachers

  • Highly interactive courses with multiple ways for students to interact with content and practice skills

  • Rigorous and standards aligned with real world examples and assignments

  • Multiple supports, including captioning, text-to-speech read aloud, translation, and the ability to pause/rewind/replay instruction

  • Self-paced and mastery based so students can work through material at their own rate. 

Student Schedule

While online courses offer flexibility, they also require self-motivation and time management skills. Most students can expect to spend 4-5 hours per day on their coursework. We encourage students to review and/or submit work five times a week when not at major competitions. Our online calendar template allows students to schedule their coursework over a 12 month period to permit winter athletes to do more focused work during the summer and for summer athletes to increase their workload in the winter. Our learning coaches work closely with students to plan appropriate schedules.

High School Course Requirements

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“USPA doesn’t just help the individual athlete. It helps the whole team!”

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“Her learning coach and teachers are always there for her when she needs them.”

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“I would recommend USPA to any athlete that is trying to balance their academics and athletics.”

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