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At USPA we Understand that Every Student Learns
Differently and has Different Needs

We recognize that our student athletes may need extra support in
areas they see as opportunities for growth.


The second to none program for
Neurodivergent Learners

GOAL (Guided Opportunities for Achievement and Learning). GOAL’s mission is to embrace the ever-evolving learning profiles found among middle and high school students. Whether a student has a specific learning disability, has ADHD, is gifted, is twice-exceptional, or has a condition that requires an accessible educational environment, we are intentional in providing appropriate support to students and families.


BOOST is a Student Development Program available to any student that is seeking additional learning support. Boost will instill confidence in areas where the student athlete needs it. The power of USPA’s Boost Program instills belief.

Executive Function Coaching with School Counselor

Skill development in the area of self-directed learning (student becomes an active seeker rather than a passive recipient)
Life skill strategies in the areas of: time-management, task avoidance, task initiation, attentional regulation, nervous system and emotional regulation
Parent coaching

Direct Instruction with Learning Specialist

1:1 video-conferencing with students to enhance the learning process
Tiered and differentiated instruction
Study habits skill development
Course acceleration (if relevant or necessary)

Achieve your Athletic Dreams without sacrificing a quality education.

What People are saying about USPA

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By Edith Morgan | Academics

At USPA, Flexibility is Strength, Diversity is the Norm

Pete Smith first conceived of US Performance Academy in response to this question from a frustrated parent: Why does the traditional academic model make you choose between achieving your athletic…

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By Liam Lavery | Academics

Human Connection at an Online School

“Good Morning, Mr. Lavery,” the students chant in chorus as I enter the classroom, elongating the phrase into a song in the way that children do. Crisp shirt, tight tie,…

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By Megan Burch | Academics

Dorothy Greenshields Thrives in USPA’s GOAL Program

At US Performance Academy we recognize that highly competitive student-athletes bring a myriad of learning styles to the educational process. Our GOAL program was made for student athletes that learn…

Success Stories
Voices From Our Community

This is the first time I feel like I fit in. I can be my total self at USPA.”

Dorothy Greenshields, USPA GOAL Student, Ski Racing

USPA has been a game–changer for our family! Our daughter was in a fantastic private school prior to joining USPA in 6th grade, but she is a competitive figure skater, and it was becoming harder and harder for the school to accommodate her training schedule. We decided to make the jump to online school, and the transition has been very smooth.”

Eva Beninson, USPA Student, Figure Skating

The support of my learning coach meant the world to me. Without his guidance and encouragement through the tough times, I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today. The entire experience at USPA had an immense impact on me and prepared me to be my best self at the US Coast Guard Academy.”

Laura Slovensky, USPA Alumni, Sailing