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Just What Is the USPA Difference?

Written by: Jessica Vercauteren, USPA Student Success Coordinator

Human Connection in an online school:

  • Asynchronous learning provides real-world opportunities and critical thinking daily. 
  • Students are challenged to find creative solutions around their learning, technology, sport, and schedule.
  • Students are constantly traveling and adjusting their schedules and adapting.
  • At USPA, we have differentiated instruction and demonstrations of learning embedded in our curriculum. Students have the traditional reading and written work, optional video content, interactive online tools such as edpuzzle, virtual field trips, and flipgrid and are also taught independent notetaking with strategies supporting their learning style.
  • Students have the unique opportunity for a verbal demonstration after every unit in a one-on-one discussion-based assessment with their teacher. This personalized interaction enables deeper reflection of the content and review.
  • Students are able to revise work based on teacher comments and suggestions and resubmit, ensuring that they master content.

“We are fostering Critical Thinkers, providing Real-World Experience and teaching 21st-Century Skills”