Seu is a whitewater slalom kayaker and a flat-water sprint kayaker. She was inspired by her parents who were whitewater slalom kayakers. Her father is an Olympic gold medalist from the 1992 Olympics. Kayaking is a unique and challenging sport. Most people don’t know that these athletes cross-train through weightlifting and running. Seu is able to travel for competitions and training camps. Some of the exciting destinations she has been to are Spain, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, and all around the United States.

Seu has competed in a few World Cups and many international Junior races. When asked about her proudest moments in her sport, Seu said, “My proudest moment in the sport was just after facing a challenging (and frightening) move during my very first Olympic trials. My parents came running down to the finish line and we all cried together. They were tears of happiness, of course.”

When asked about USPA, Seu described her experience. “I decided to join USPA because it is a way for me to excel in both academics and my sport. My favorite part of USPA is getting to meet other students who share the same goals as me. USPA has taught me how to organize my daily-schedule. I have taken this same skill and now use it to balance my training and academics. As an athlete, I feel a lot more focused on my sport. Once I turn-off my computer, I can give my training full-attention.”

Outside of her sport, Seu enjoys hanging out with her friends, reading, and creating new recipes.

Check out Seu’s video from our USPA “Day in the Life” student video contest.

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