College: Condordia University
Home country: Haiti
Passion: Football
It is what it is – Sasha Bennefit
Favorite quote: To get ahead you have to get started.
Song: Can’t Leave Without It by 21 Savage

Sasha is heading to Concordia University in Montreal to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies.
Besides soccer, he’s passionate about film production. His favorite documentary is Chasing
Perfection because it shows how difficult it was for Michael Jordan facing many challenges
during his career which made him an inspiration to so many.

Sasha is looking forward to new experiences, new people, new places, and to his own growth. He
believe experiencing new cultures helps you discover who you are as a person. He loves chatting
with his friends. The last video he created was for a friend’s clothing line. His favorite video he
created was about discovering who you are as a person.

Exploring complex social issues comes naturally to Sasha. He has a deep insight as a story teller
and videographer. He aspires to return to Haiti after college to work with his dad or start his own
business doing something to help rebuild the Haitian society. He doesn’t like to see his own
people starving and he would like to help.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is to always be myself, not change for anyone else,
whatever happens in life is for a reason, so don’t be hard on yourself or get down,” says Sasha.
“Each and every person at USPA helped me throughout my years and motivated me every day to
be better.”

“My biggest inspiration is my mom and dad,” says Sasha. “They made me who I am, teach me
every day how to be a better person, how to communicate with people, be a better man, achieve
more and inspire me to do great things in the future. They are overcome difficulties in life which
inspires me to do the same.

Sasha, I’m so proud of your accomplishments this year! You proved that when you put your
whole effort into something you succeed beautifully. I enjoyed learning about you through your
writing, which has a knack for showcasing human experience. Well done, Sasha, and
congratulations! – Kelly Dalke, USPA English Teacher

Sasha, you are a fascinating, independent soul. We believe you already give Haiti hope and joy!

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