Plans: Joining the Navy with the goal of becoming a NAVY SEAL.
Passion: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Western Boxing
The brave and cowardly are only separated by one thing: Action – Sam Eoll
There are people who do, people who don’t, and people who can’t. It is our responsibility to be
people that do so we can help the people who can’t. – Sam Eoll
Favorite quote: He who saves the life of one man, saves the world entire – Talmud

“In the Navy, I look forward to being a part of a team of people who have like minded goals and
on who I can depend on,” says Sam. “I have always volunteered and done things to serve
others. By joining the Navy, it will be the ultimate service because I will be serving my country.
Five years from now, I would like to be a member of a Navy SEAL team in a country I have never
been to. I hope to be a combat diver and make a career out of the military.”

What doesn’t Sam like to do? He loves travel, running, going to Fusion Training Academy to practice Muay
Thai and to hone his boxing and jiu jitsuu skills, hang out with friends, play video games, hiking,
camping. Pretty much anything outdoors is on the list for Sam.

“I will remember my friends and teammates because we had a lot of laughs together,” says
Sam. “I will also remember teachers like Jonathan and Kelly because they would go out of their
way to talk with us about school and our lives.”

Sam’s parents are his biggest inspiration because they supported him and have always been
there. Also TC Cummings, a former Navy SEAL, was a big inspiration as he taught Sam a lot of
things about himself and has supported Sam’s life goals.

If there was a role model for the middle schoolers it was certainly you, Sam. We could always
point your way, even more so when you got the punching bag setup in the weight room.

“Watching you in your element teaching the younger kids was inspiring. On your journey ahead don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t train too hard, and have confidence in yourself.” – Jonathan Kuiper, USPA Math Teacher

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