Pascale is deeply passionate about advocating for those who seek academic support. A native French speaker, Pascale was born and raised in the province of Québec, Canada. Moving to a new country and facing a language barrier which hindered her learning process, Pascale developed an affinity for students who experience learning obstacles. More importantly, being a parent of a neurodiverse learner not only affords her extra insight, but also, true devotion to this student population.

Her career as an educator spans over 25 years. She taught all grade levels, including preschool. Her experience encompasses a wide array of positions: French Teacher, Foreign Language Department Chair, Student Government Advisor, Academic Advising Committee Member, Admissions Committee Member, School Accreditation Committee Co-Chair, ACT and College Board Special Testing Coordinator, ESL Teacher, Dean of Female Students, College Counselor, Educational Counselor, Learning Specialist, and Special Education Program Director. In these roles, she has interacted with students in a variety of settings. From the start of her career, her aim remained to partner with families and collaborate intentionally with stakeholders.

Helping students with learning differences thrive and succeed in their academic pursuits is a tremendous asset as it satisfies her passion for both education and diversity. Pascale considers her involvement in crafting a private special education program her greatest professional achievement. Serving in the program from the time of inception gave Pascale rare insight. As a Learning Specialist, and ultimately, Program Director, Pascale supported hundreds of families by being their liaison with parent/teacher, student/teacher, parent/administrator, and student/administrator relationships. She witnessed countless triumphant stories including her own child’s success.

Pascale has been a proactive force in the establishment of many community, school and church programs including a swim team (70 swimmers), a preschool, French curriculum development at a preschool and an independent K-12 school; free ESL programs (through 2 churches) and the aforementioned Support Services Program in an independent K-12 school.

Pascale received her B.A. from Auburn University with a double major in Spanish and Communications, along with a double minor in French and Business. She completed her M.Ed. in Special Education from Liberty University. She and her husband Greg currently live in Cary, North Carolina; her daughter and son are attending college. As a family, they are foodies who enjoy traveling, as well as watching and participating in various sports (especially SEC football). Pascale understands the world of competitive sports as her husband was a college athlete and both of her children were recruited at the collegiate level.

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