College: Merricmack College
Passion: Soccer
Hometown: Purchase, NY
Hard work is the most important thing in life. Without hard work there’s no success. – Matt
Favorite quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

“Life doesn’t owe you anything. You just have to work hard for something to get it -no free
handouts – just hard work,” says Boccanfuso.
Matt joins a strong DI soccer program at Merrimack. After proving to a number of people that
Merrimack College belonged in Division I, after a series of wins against programs like
Northeastern and draws against Boston College and Harvard in non-conference play, the
Warriors set their signs on a Northeast Conference season title. They won. Anytime you win a
conference championship is a memorable moment. To win in their first year in Division I and go
undefeated is definitely a special team to join.

Matt joins Merrimack on an academic scholarship after graduating from USPA. He’ll major in
business and looks forward to playing soccer every day, being part of a community making new
friends and having a common goal of getting to the tournament, winning every game together.
He dreams of being a CEO of a successful company but understands the need to start at the
bottom and plans to work hard to reach the top.

His favorite memories of USPA are his friends and he’ll always remember Liam. “We spoke
every week. He was nice to me, helped me, guided me,” said Matt.
“My mom and dad are my biggest inspirations,” says Matt. “My mom never gives up, even when
things are looking hard. I take inspiration from her because she’ successful. My dad is
hardworking and determined.”

“Congratulations on your graduation, Matt! It was truly a pleasure working with you this year.
Your writing was always thoughtfully done and had a professionalism well into the college level.
I’m confident we are sending you off with the tools to excel in any avenue of your choosing.
Good luck in all you do!” – Kelly Dalke, USPA English Teacher
Go Warriors!

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