Passion: Ice Hockey
You’ll never regret doing something to the best of your ability. You’ll only ever regret not giving
it your all. – Mason Vonk
Favorite quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Song: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

Mason leaves USPA to play Junior hockey and is talking to several teams at the moment! He is
interested in attending either Michigan or University of Vermont – both have pre-med/med
school and Division I hockey. “Studying pre med, biology and chemistry have always interested
me,” says Mason. “The function and movements of the body have always fascinated me – like
how certain muscles or organs do different things, how everything in the body is intertwined
and linked.”

After school and training, he golfs, loves to go for sushi and swims at the beach. “It’s more fun
swimming with waves than in a swimming pool.” says Mason. “I also love to go out on the
water boating or with jet skis. I’m very competitive so like playing yard games like bocce ball
after Sunday dinner!”

A favorite USPA memory is working with his science teacher, Kathy, to prepare for his AP
Environmental Science test. “She really worked with me to bring my grade up to a 94 in the
class,” said Mason. “I also will always remember Liam, a familiar face to check in with every

His biggest inspiration? “My dad – he started from nothing and worked hard all his life to get to
where he is. He always put family first in everything. His work ethic is amazing. I’ve never seen
anyone work as hard as him. It’s admirable that even though he’s super busy, he still makes
time for his family. If a hockey tournament comes up or a school event, he’ll drop everything to
come support us. I would like to work hard and give everything my all. I would like to be a good
dad, a good friend – like my dad.”

On top of all that Mason would like to contribute somehow to making sure there is access to
healthcare for all!

Congratulations Mason! You have had such a successful year at USPA! You are a great self-
advocate, always willing to spend the time to meet with your teachers online to ensure that you
have a full understanding of the material. Best of luck in the future! – Kathy Haines, USPA
Science Teacher

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