Mary Prince is an educator with extensive experience teaching writing at the high school level. In previous positions, she has written curriculum at the classroom, school, and district level. Professionally, much of her focus has been on student engagement, project-based learning, differentiation, and gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) learners. In her teaching practice, she is passionate about building student agency and ownership over learning, engaging students through creative assignments and innovative practices while supporting all learners. She enjoys helping students connect with the content by asking questions and exploring areas of interest. Mary has her Bachelor’s in English Education from Longwood University and her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. Mary lives in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and two cats. An avid reader, her favorite authors include Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, and Liane Moriarty. In addition to reading, she enjoys journaling, dancing, visiting museums, and doing yoga. When she’s not teaching, you can find Mary sipping coffee at a local coffee shop or exploring local landmarks with her daughter.

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