Juan started out racing go carts at 7 years old. Over the years, it became a more serious pursuit. For the past 3 years, Juan has been living in Europe in order to train and compete. Travel is a large part of his training and competing schedule. He has traveled to Ecuador, USA, Colombia, Australia, and almost all of Europe. Not only did he win the 2013 Karting Junior World Championship, but he also won multiple races in last year’s Formula 4 Championship.

Racing is a unique sport. It requires not only physical effort, but mental effort as well. It is an extremely technical type of competition. “Every tiny detail ranging from your lifestyle outside competition, to the school you attend can make a big difference.” says Juan.

When asked about his school choice, Juan says, “The main reason I opted to work with USPA is because I wanted a school that had experience in working with other high level athletes. Not to mention their wide range of classes to choose from and curriculum.”

His favorite part of USPA is the percentage count on his courses. As students work through their courses, they can see exactly how far they have gone and how far they have to go. This helps them to organize their time, stay motivated, and know exactly where they stand. “I also love the fact that teachers are always willing to help, and will always reach out to you if you have fallen behind.” says Juan.

USPA used a very different style of education which creates a different style of student. When asked how he has changed as a student, Juan remarked, “Definitely one of the biggest impacts online schooling has had on me is the way I manage my time on a daily basis.” He is improving and learning life long skills of time management, organization, and more.

“In this sport, you are constantly growing as an athlete. You can never be good enough, and there are always new things to learn. Right now I am in a very important stage of my career. Anything I achieve in the next few years will most likely decide my future. I keep growing as a driver and as a person every year.” says Juan.

Acknowledging that it is difficult to do in his sport, Juan aspires attend a University after he finishes with USPA. Outside of racing, Juan enjoys biking, running, squash, tennis, going on trips with his friends, and eating sushi.

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