Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Jessica is a native Spanish speaker whose family immigrated to the United States when she was five years old. Having acquired English through an ESL program at a young age, she developed a fascination for languages and cultures. This appeal led her to pursue French as a third language. Upon receiving her B.A. in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture, with a minor in French in 2008, Jessica enrolled in a Study-Abroad program in Angers, France, that transformed her life and inspired a love for travel and human connection. Soon after her return, Jessica met her best friend and husband, Jake, and together they have created a sometimes nomadic lifestyle rooted in love, trust, and spirituality.

In 2013, Jessica earned a M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics and has since been teaching Spanish throughout the United States to age groups ranging from Kindergarten to Undergraduate students. Her teaching experience has also reached a wide demographic that has varied in age, learning abilities, socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities.

Another passion that Jessica has is working with underserved communities. During the years of Covid, Jessica and her husband became very involved in engaging with the homeless population in the Seattle area through a self-started non-profit organization that they called Feed The Way. They walked the streets of Seattle and offered food, clothing, basic necessities and companionship to those in need. In her free time (and depending on the season) Jessica enjoys playing the classical guitar, knitting, painting and dancing.

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