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“I’m the youngest trophy truck driver in the world,” says Jax when we ask him for a fun fact about himself.

Jax is an adrenaline addicted kid, from skydiving to racing trophy trucks. Jax is a USPA student-athlete who loves to go fast, needed USPA’s flexible schedule to succeed. He can work on school any time of the day. Jax is 14 and competitively racing a spec trophy truck at over 120 mph all over Mexico. Jax also races a Lucas oil Pro-lite all over the U.S. 

Jax starting his racing career on a 50cc dirt bike, making his way to the Loreta Lynn National at only six years old. Jax then went on to racing circle track go carts and mini sprint cars. Then he made his way to side by sides. After only one-year racing a side by side Jax got his first opportunity to drive a trophy truck and fell in love.

We mentioned Jax races a Lucas Oil Pro-lite all over the United States. A Pro-lite is a five hundred horsepower short course beast. Lucas Oil is a very competitive racing organization, with Jax being the youngest Pro-lite driver. 

Jax’s hero is his dad Shane, who started Jax racing and hopes to see his son ‘become something great and have as much fun as possible along the way.’


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