Passion: Artistic Swimming
Trust the process – Hannah
Song: Midnight City by M83

Hannah is headed to Ohio State following a gap year on an athletic scholarship. With an interest in how the world is evolving through technology, she plans to major in computer science. She’s excited to be a part of a college that is known for its athletics and artistic swimming is also well respected there. She’s been in online school since 8th grade to support her passion that got her where she is today, so she is excited for the on campus social experience.

She also aspires to be in The Olympic Games, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking for her!

Hannah is a fan of music festivals, sunsets, travel and just being outside. She travels a lot for competition, but also likes to do the touristy things. 

“Kim Dow, my Learning Coach, was so supportive and helped me grow over the years,” says Hannah. “She’s seen me through a lot of ups and downs.”

“I loved my flexible time to be able to go to the beach with friends and stay up late on some days when we’re not training, since I didn’t have to worry about a traditional school schedule.”

Hannah’s biggest inspiration is her coaches. Her coaching staff has a lot of Olympic experience and they challenge, motivate, inspire and support the team. They help the team have a better mindset as athletes. 

Hannah started a blog on Instagram and wants to make a difference by talking about the experiences she’s had with body image. Her sport has a specific aesthetic and the pressures of body image can be high. She’d like to add to the conversation since it’s not often talked about. 

“If you do something, do it fully, and be appreciative of the little pixels that make up the bigger picture,” says Hannah. 

Go Hannah and Go Buckeyes!

“Congratulations Hannah! You have had such a successful year at USPA! You are one of those students who are always ahead of the curve! All your work is done well and always ahead of schedule.  Best of luck in the future! “- Kathy Haines, USPA Science Teacher

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