“Soccer gives me a feeling that nothing else does. I’ve loved the game since I was three and kicking around a soccer ball. One day I will be a DI player and hopefully professional.” – Cole

Cole’s hero is his father for too many reasons to count. He believes you have to take responsibility for every single action you do. Living away from home is a sacrifice. “Everything is on me, and I have to push myself to succeed to be truly successful,” says Cole.

Cole has traveled the world to play his sport. (Spain and Greece are his favorite!)

“Soccer is my complete life and what gets me out of bed every single morning.”

He originally attended a British A-Level school affiliated with his football academy. A rough transition with adjusting to the British system as well as the schedule conflicting with his training brought him to USPA. “USPA gave me the opportunity to get back to learning through the American system as well as the flexibility to play competitively,” said Cole. “It is an elite and insanely busy schedule in football, and to be able to continue to learn and study in that environment is possible because of USPA.” Cole’s instructor Liam is one of his favorite parts of being a USPA student-athlete.

Qualifying for Cole’s team, GPS Spain, is a tremendous achievement.  At USPA, we pride ourselves on a tradition of high-quality education for competitive athletes. We are proud to call Cole a USPA student-athlete.

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