Passion: Football
Home country: Mexico
Tu tranquilo, yo nervioso. – Carlos Jimenez
Favorite quote: And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do. – Michael Scott
Song: Aventura by Lunay

I’m so happy I got to be your English teacher this year, Carlos. Rarely do I see a student with
such motivation for learning, a passion for languages and cultures with a true global perspective
such as you. Knowing students like you are moving on from USPA and into the broader world
makes me feel hopeful and excited for what will come. Congratulations on your graduation! –
Kelly Dalke, USPA English Teacher

Carlos strives to influence people to become better versions of themselves, not only physically
but mentally. After a GAP year, he plans to study Kinesiology/Exercise Science at one of the top
Florida universities. Having played sport for so long, he likes being able to understand how the
body works and how to improve performance. Having to deal with injuries during his career he
has realized the importance of exercise science. The help he received by sports professionals
drives him to want to help other athletes in the future.

Fluent in three languages and currently teaching himself Italian, he will either turn pro or
graduate from college and earn a Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification, enabling
him to work with professional sports teams and athletes.

His dream team would be Atletico Madrid. “Ever since I first visited Madrid, I fell in love with
the team and feel greatly influenced by Coach Simeone – his style and tactics,” said Carlos.
Carlos says he will always remember USPA Director of Student Operations Liam Lavery. “He
was very helpful to us and was more than just a staff member,” said Carlos. “He would advise us
regarding school, but also our day to day lives. I remember when Liam brought us local Spanish
snacks. They were traditional food normally eaten around Christmastime. We got to try a whole
range of new foods – my favorite was panettone. It is crucial to note that these snacks are copy-
cats of traditional Mexican snacks!”

“My parents have been my biggest inspiration in life. They put in the effort to educate me and
give me the best quality of life. They supported me every step in my life, something I will always
be grateful for,” says Carlos with pride.

Carlos believes that hard work is essential to reach one’s goals. We believe you will transform
lives, Carlos. You should be very proud of yourself.

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