Passion: Football
Home country: United Kingdom
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. – Blake Charlesworth
Favorite quote: Do more work harder. – Casey Neistat
Song: D.A.M. by Fetty Wap

‘Blake the Keeper’ is an outstanding young man who would like to make a difference in the
world. “I’m a firm believer there is too much hate and negative energy in the world,” said Blake.
“We need to be more uplifting to one another.”
Blake is headed to the U.K. to complete his Level 3s in Business Management while continuing
to play football (soccer to the Americans) with hopes of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sports
Business at a UK School. He still has his sights on a Premier League goalkeeping position one

In the meantime, he’ll be playing against top tier academies such as Arsenal, Manchester City
and Man United.
I’m extremely fascinated with different cultures, seeing the world through the eyes of different
cultures and people,” said Blake. “Having lived in Spain for two years, it’s helped me understand
different perspectives and grow as a person.”

What’s the dream of most soccer players? The Premier League. Blake’s dream team would be
Manchester City PC “because their program values their players’ progress, their training
facilities are top notch, the style of play is great, and they really utilize their goalkeeper’s

Blake’s favorite memories of his time as a student at US Performance Academy are when
learning conversations got off topic, which led to interesting conversations with lots of laughter.
He says he will remember all his classmates because they were such a large part of his daily life,
had to learn to live with each other on the good days and the bad days. “I’ve made bonds with
people that will be very hard to break,” said Blake.

“My mother and father are my biggest inspiration, said Blake. “What they have sacrificed for me
is unbelievable. They were always at every game, got me to practice at any time and place, had
to put up with me after losses and kept encouraging me to push the limit. They still do to this
day. I owe a lot to them.” So shout out you Marcia and Ross Charlesworth! Well done! We are
so proud of Blake as we are sure you are.

“Congratulations Blake! You have had a successful year at USPA! You are always willing to
reach out and work with your teachers when you are unsure. You have been great about setting
up schedules and sticking with them to make sure you successfully finish your work! Best of luck
in the future!” – Kathy Haines, USPA Science Teacher

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