US Performance Academy (USPA) has partnered with Surfing America in order to provide traveling athletes with a flexible yet rigorous education. Athletes who are a part of the Surfing America USA Junior Surf Team and Surfing America Prime Series surfers now have the opportunity to attend their middle and high school classes online, at a time that fits into their schedule. Surfing competitions for the USA Junior Surf Team and elite Prime surfers occur all over the world. Travel is a part of each competitive surf athlete’s life. Training is often during times in which traditional school hours occur.

Executive Director of Surfing America, Greg Cruse, says “Many of our young athletes are traveling, training, and succeeding in their sport. In October, our team became the 2015 World Junior Surfing Champions at the International Surfing Association competition. These kids are dedicated athletes who need to manage their time efficiently to get through all their training, travel and schoolwork. It is my experience that traditional online home-school programs don’t necessarily have the flexibility or accountability required for success. I wanted to provide our surfers with an education option that would fit their unique competitive schedule. USPA offers our athletes the opportunity to thrive in their studies while they compete. Built for athletes, this school really gets it.”

USPA offers a custom schedule and school calendar for each student athlete. They also receive access to a personal learning coach, online teachers, life skills training, a network of other athletes around the world, and college counseling. USPA entered into a partnership with Surfing America in early January 2016.

“The travel and competition in surfing is truly demanding.” says Peter Smith, USPA President. “The challenges that these students face around traveling, competing, and academics is one of the main reasons USPA was founded. Greg, the athletes, their parents, and coaches work incredibly hard to create a strong team and we want to take the burden of education off their shoulders. At USPA, we understand the rigor behind competitive athletics and create a learning environment that fits each individual student. Our curriculum travels with the athlete, pauses as needed, and challenges even the most advanced student. In addition to a traditional academic platform, USPA athletes participate in our Foundations Program which helps traveling athletes learn how to balance school and sport and incorporates various life skills which includes communication, collaboration, and goal setting. I look forward to working with the surfing families and following all of their successes both on and off the water.”

To learn more about Surfing America, visit http://www.SurfingAmerica.org.

More about Surfing America:

As the official International Surfing Association recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the United States, Surfing America is responsible for holding the USA Surfing Championships and Team Trials event each year and for selecting, training and fielding the official USA Surf Teams to compete internationally. Please contact Greg Cruse at info(at)SurfingAmerica(dot)org for more information.

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