US Performance Academy (USPA) and The New Jersey Titans have formed a partnership in order to provide young hockey players with a balanced combination of high level training with college-prep academics.

USPA is an accredited, NCAA approved, private, online, middle & high school created for high-performance athletes. Designed by athletes and educators, the approach benefits driven students who are training, traveling, competing, and pushing to the next level. The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar. The support system keeps students involved, motivated, and on track to success. And the focus on the student-athletes future goals and aspirations opens up a doorway to future opportunities.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a high level group of young athletes,” said Pete Smith, President of USPA. “Our community welcomes the New Jersey Titans with open arms. We are excited to get them started in classes and to meet their learning coaches, teachers, and college counselors!”

The New Jersey Titans organization is the premier youth development program in the state of New Jersey, boasting upward of 200 NCAA commitments over two decades of training and competition at the highest tiers of travel hockey. For its member players, the Titans organization provides an unparalleled pipeline of advancement, with offerings from Mites to Midgets, and an in-house opportunity to play at the Junior level with their North American Hockey League team.

Titans players are developed by some of the top coaches and instructors in the Atlantic District, a staff that includes NHL veterans, former NCAA skaters, and those with experience at the international level. Through a proven development model, an impactful organizational culture, and competitive offerings that meet the training needs of players at all skill levels, the Titans organization is committed to the betterment and advancement of motivated skaters.

“Our team is excited to be able to get on the same page academically,” said George Haviland of the New Jersey Titans. “With the flexibility at USPA, we can train together, learn together, and grow together.”

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