US Performance Academy (USPA) and Mount Snow Academy (MSA) have created a partnership in order to support elite winter sport athletes looking to train and compete while excelling in their academics.

USPA is an accredited, NCAA approved, private, online, middle & high school created for high-performance athletes. Designed by athletes and educators, the approach benefits driven students who are training, traveling, competing, and pushing to the next level. The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar. The support system keeps students involved, motivated, and on track to success. And the focus on the student-athletes future goals and aspirations opens up a doorway to future opportunities.

Mount Snow Academy is a winter-term ski academy for competitive alpine ski racers, freeskiers, and snowboarders. Serving grades 6 – 12 for over 35 years, MSA provides personalized academics and individualized athletic programming through flexible winter sessions based at Mount Snow Resort in West Dover, VT. Student-athletes come to MSA to cultivate their passion for their chosen snowsport amongst peers, receiving world-class coaching 6 days a week while being guided by passionate educators in a predominately one-to-one academic setting. MSA student-athletes gain valuable life skills and make life-long friends and memories both on and off the hill.

Combined, USPA and Mount Snow Academy will help to remove any transitional struggles during this uncertain time in education. With no interruption to a student-athlete’s education, no teacher handoffs between schools, and no in-seat requirements, the partnership provides a proven system of student-athlete success. With multi-level support, community, technology, and a flexible schedule, students are able to excel in their athletics and academics.

“Providing new and innovative opportunities for MSA student-athletes is core to our mission. Our alignment and partnership with USPA provides an educational choice that will help to enhance our student-athletes’ experience by better balancing both school and sport in pursuit of fulfilling their athletic and academic goals and aspirations year-round.” Peter Stokloza, Mount Snow Academy Head of School

“The entire experience at Mount Snow is very unique. They provide an amazing training experience that doesn’t require students to be on campus throughout the year, but allows them to be at home when it isn’t critical to be on site training.” said Pete Smith, President of USPA. “Our partnership allows students to study from home or the MSA campus, saving the students time transitioning between schools and saving the families overall on tuition costs. It’s a win win. USPA has created a quality program that has proven results and a track record of success. USPA is proud to be partnering with Mount Snow Academy and excited to meet all of the hard-working athletes.”

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