As a Learning Coach, I often tell my students that time management is the art of getting everything done that you NEED to do as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to maximize your time doing the things you WANT to do. 

USPA is a unique learning environment in that students are in control of their own learning. In my experience, when students move from a traditional school setting to USPA there is a transition period. In a traditional learning environment, teachers and the classroom environment set the learning schedule and students are responsible for managing their time at home, balancing extracurricular activities and homework. Upon coming to USPA, students need to transition from the more traditional hand holding environment to be completely in control of their own learning.  Here are some tips for both new and seasoned USPA students to manage your time:

Find out what is expected of you in your courses

Your dashboard is your friend. Successful USPA students check their dashboards frequently and plan their weeks with an awareness of the activities needed to be completed in any given week. Our online system maps out the activities that need to be completed per day.  Your dashboard will also let you know how many activities you need to complete if you have fallen behind, in order to catch up.

Take advantage of down time

Many of our students travel extensively.  If you are waiting in an airport for your flight, take advantage of the free wi-fi and do some school work while you wait!  Long car rides also offer the opportunity to get some work done.

Recognize your productive time

Some students are more productive first thing in the morning.  Some students, like my son, are more productive in the evening.  It is important to figure out when you are most productive and plan to do school work during that time.  

Get ahead

One of the biggest bonuses of USPA and the online curriculum is your ability to get ahead in your coursework. If you know you have a travel heavy schedule coming up, plan to do a couple of extra activities each day on top of your normal workload so that you can get ahead. Set a goal to complete say, 5 extra activities each day.  At the end of the week, those extra activities will put you 25 activities ahead.  

Come up with a plan to recover if you are behind

There are times when a student may fall behind. Illness, family issues, and unexpected tournaments could put you behind in your coursework. If you do fall behind, do not panic! Your teachers and Learning Coaches are here for you. Contact your Learning Coach and ask for help designing a pacing plan. Pacing plans allow you to catch up over time and are the best way to get back on track.

Use your available resources

Learning Coaches and Teachers are here to help. We can offer support, clarify topics, help you design a pacing plan, or just be here to cheer you on in your academics and sport. Use us!  

Make time management a priority in your online schooling journey so that you can be successful in your sport and in school!

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