Young, Competitive Figure Skaters Will Never Miss School Again

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7k International Skating Academy has partnered with US Performance Academy to provide excellence in training and academics for figure skating student athletes.

The 7k International Skating Academy is built on the platform of teamwork, dedication, passion, and honesty. Resting 7,000 feet above sea level, it is the highest rink in the US used for dynamic altitude training. The 7k program is unique and on the cutting edge of the industry by providing a wide variety of classes from technical progression to program component improvement. They offer programming that establishes competitive skaters from a young age through an Olympic experience.

With seven core values, one of which being ‘opportunity’, 7k searches for expansion of their young athletes’ opportunities in unique ways. With the intensive training, travel, and focus on figure skating, athletes need an alternative form of education that is flexible and personalized, while still being rigorous and goal-oriented. The partnership with US Performance Academy has accomplished this for 7k.

Heather Aseltine, Administrative Director at 7k says, “The 7k International Skating Academy is proud to be partnering with the US Performance Academy to promote the importance of education, both nationally and internationally. USPA offers our dedicated, elite athletes an online educational opportunity with personal attention provided throughout their competitive journeys. We are thrilled to promote our commitment to academics as well as athletics with the assistance of USPA.” With the personalized coaching at 7k and now the personalized approach to academics, these young, figure skating athletes have every opportunity to be the best athlete and student possible. Led by Kori Ade, national and international Olympic coach, Rohene Ward, Olympic choreographer and coach, and Heather Aseltine, US Figure Skating double gold medalist and national collegiate champion, 7k offers a positive environment full of experience, encouragement, passion, and skill. Continuing their trend in excellence, 7k has chosen to partner with USPA in order to blend 21st century educational innovation with world-class competitive athletics.

“It is obvious from our initial conversations that the 7k team is made up of an exceptional group of student athletes.” says US Performance Academy President, Peter Smith. “Their demanding schedules, motivated attitudes, and focus to excel matches our current student body. We readily acknowledge that we are not your typical school. We expect a great deal from our students, academically. The 7k student athletes will be joining a student body made up of athletes from all over the world who share a common understanding of what it takes to succeed at such a high level. Our dedicated and highly qualified team understands the motivation and mindset of each of our students. Our staff help celebrate each athletic accomplishment and our students help support each other through our network of athletes around the world. I’m confident that this will be a great opportunity for their student athletes to benefit from a highly flexible schedule combined with personalized support that is designed to provide an advantage, both academically and on the ice.”

For more information about 7k, visit www.Skate7K.com.

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