U.S. Performance Academy recognizes that highly competitive, elite student-athletes bring differing learning styles and profiles to the educational process. US Performance Academy acts intentionally to embrace the neuro-diversity found among learners in public and private schools across the nation. If your child has a diagnosed or suspected learning disability, ADHD, or similar issue that may affect their academic performance, US Performance Academy is prepared to accommodate and work with all families and students with full support.

“US Performance Academy is thrilled partner with Navigator PREP. Navigator Prep is a virtual program to help college bound students and parents prepare for the upcoming transition to college a year before entering College or University in the United States. Beacon College is offering the country’s first virtual transition program for neurodiverse students and USPA is proud to partner with such a fantastic program to help all of our students with this transition.” Pete Smith, USPA President


Navigator Prep for USPA students is developed in partnership with Beacon College’s Transition Center, is a virtual transition program for neurodiverse students. Created especially for USPA students, we have a virtual model and a skill-based curriculum to develop students’ executive functioning, social and emotional regulation skills. There is also a focus on providing support to parents, as Navigator PREP for USPA actively addresses the separation process and the normative experiences that families go through during this adjustment. 

Students participating in Navigator PREP for USPA will be able to identify their unique academic, social and personal management areas requiring support, and establish advocacy and problem-solving steps essential to post-secondary success.


  • Skill-based strategies 
  • Focus on executive functioning, and social and emotional regulation skills 
  • Unique inclusion of parents 
  • Extensive final report with clear recommendations based on individualized needs which is coordinated with USPA Learning Coaches

In addition to this partnership, USPA is excited to introduce a new addition to our team, someone who specializes in supporting student athletes that learn differently. This exciting new hire will be announced by mid February.

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