Think about the traditional student in the traditional school setting. What do you see?

  • The same start and end times daily
  • Specific pacing for courses
  • 5 or 6 classes at one time
  • Students sitting in assigned seats
  • Single-level support
  • Specific schedule for the day, week, semester, and year

US Performance Academy has broken all the traditional standards that tend to hold student-athletes back. The reality is that student-athletes are not your traditional students and they need an education that breaks the mold. USPA offers multi-level flexibility in many ways. 


Applications are accepted year-round and enrollment dates are different for many students. If a student switches over to USPA from another school or a home school program, they often start mid-year. If a student is a winter or summer athlete, they can customize their school calendar to fit their training schedule.

Course Delivery

Students can opt to have a staggered course schedule, taking 3 or 4 courses at a time, allowing for more focus on each subject. If math is more of a struggle for the student, taking that course with a couple of courses that come more naturally to the student is certainly an option. 


No more waiting on another student to move to the next concept. Move faster through material that comes easily and take more time on more complex assignments. The pace is set by the student and reinforced by the Learning Coach. 


As long as there is wi-fi, students can work where they learn best. USPA assesses student’s preferences early on to get an understanding of the ideal learning environment for them. No more sitting in a desk in a chilly classroom. Outdoors, indoors, warm, cold, dark, light, loud, quiet – its up to the student and USPA encourages students to embrace their individual learning environment. 


Have a big competition coming up? Learning coaches are available to adjust your courses to fit your schedule as it changes. Work ahead and get that test done before you head out with your team. Plan your breaks during your heavy travel times. Customized to prioritize.

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