In today’s digital world, more families are exploring online education opportunities for their children, and online schools are becoming popular. An online school can be a great alternative to a traditional school setting for many students, but is it the right choice for your middle school or high school student? 

The following is a list of skills and habits a student should have in order to find success at an online school:

  1. Technology Skills

A successful online student possesses strong computer skills and is comfortable using email, word processing programs, as well as various web browsers and search engines. The students should be comfortable searching for and downloading information from the internet and using email to communicate with online teachers.

  1. Work and Study Habits

Successful online students do not need to be reminded to complete school assignments and tend to finish schoolwork ahead of time. These students are comfortable learning independently and have good study habits. 

  1. Learning Style

Successful online students are self-directed learners who do not require real-time feedback from teachers regarding basic directions. These students are comfortable learning new material without real-time support and are able to problem solve on their own. These students are used to reaching out for help when needed and are willing to establish a relationship with their teachers via email or through a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. Successful online students are also willing to try to problem solve issues themselves before seeking out follow-up support.

  1. Technology/Internet Connectivity

Successful online students have regular access to a computer with high speed internet service at home. These students are able to access their online school work whenever they need to and do not need to rely on the use of a library computer or need to leave their house in order to get reliable internet. 

  1. Time Management

Successful online students are able to balance their online schooling along with their athletic commitments, clubs, part time working schedules, and commitments to friends and family. Successful online students have good time management skills and are able to prioritize their online academics.

  1. Academic Interest

Successful online students are academically motivated and enjoy learning. They have a positive attitude and are willing to commit to taking charge of their education. These students enjoy having control over their learning and are willing to put in the work needed to succeed. School is a priority for a successful online student and they are motivated to excel academically.

  1. Reading/Writing Skills

Successful online students have at grade or above grade reading and writing skills. They have good reading comprehension skills and can successfully complete routine writing assignments on their own. These students are also able to communicate clearly with their teachers via email. 

  1. Student Support

Successful online students have support at home.  These students have parents and guardians who are actively involved and who are invested in their education.  Successful online students also have access to a strong school support system, i.e., teachers, mentors and learning coaches who are available to mentor throughout their academic journey.

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