By USPA Director of Admission, Jeff Natle

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Interviewing is hard!!  No matter how old you are, what you are interviewing for, or how prepared you are, the interview can be extremely exciting…but also extremely nerve-racking. But it is an essential part of our process here at USPA so we can ensure each student is a good fit for our unique school. Here are some tips and tricks to make your interview go silky smooth!

  1. RELAX, and be yourself!  We want to get to know the real you. Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. We want to know who you really are and what you actually like.
  2. Use the interview to show your interests and demonstrate your passions. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable to talk about all the cool things you do or what you’re good at, but trust us, every interviewer wants to hear about your passions, talents and pursuits.
  3. Do some research on USPA before the interview.  Be ready to tell us why you have chosen USPA, why you want to be a part of an online school community, and why you would be a good fit.
  4. Ask questions! Remember, not only is the interview an opportunity for the school to get to know you, it is also a time for you to get to know the school.  We are excited about you as a candidate and we want you to be just as excited about USPA.
  5. Be prepared to talk about school, your sport, and other areas of interest that you have. The interview will largely be about what you are doing at your current school and what you are doing in sports but we love to hear about your passions outside of these two areas.

Think about your interview as a way to showcase how awesome you are!  Use the time we have together to tell us all about what makes you, you.  Avoid “yes/no” answers, over preparing, and or too many “ummm’s.” Practice with a parent or guardian for 10-15 minutes and you’ll be good to go!  We look forward to interviewing you!

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