Athletes living all over the world attend US Performance Academy. They speak a variety of languages, compete in a wide range of sports, and all have unique backgrounds, situations, and reasons for attending USPA. Through all of these differences, successful USPA student-athletes have several traits in common. 

  1. Drive. All successful student-athletes at USPA are driven. They were motivated to succeed well before they even applied to USPA. This type of student is a high-achiever. A go-getter. They reach beyond the stars, strive for excellence, and push themselves to be better in most areas of their life. High performance athletes must have this personality trait and USPA finds that this makes for a very successful student. 
  1. Passion. There is a fire in each USPA student-athlete’s soul. It is fueled by their love of sport, their adrenaline rushes, their wins, their success. It is apparent in their speech. As students share their experiences about their training, their teammates, their travel, their competition, you can hear it. Passionate athletes are rarely only passionate about their sport. They enthusiastically tackle all challenges presented to them. This makes for a focused student. The passion they have and their desire to succeed gives them a pinpoint focus. 
  1. Goal-oriented. Every athlete at USPA has a dream. Whether it is a specific career, or a competition, or a location to get to – they all have a goal in mind. While not all of them know exactly how to reach that goal, they know they want to get there. That focus on an end result helps make USPA students successful. They are determined, know how to push, and can look beyond the challenge in front of them. Goals keep these students motivated. 

Why has USPA created a school for like-minded student-athletes? The answer is two-fold. One: USPA leadership has seen first-hand the struggles that athletes face when balancing their athletics and their academics. With a background of sports and education, USPA founders knew they wanted to solve the problems young athletes struggle with daily. Two: when you create a community full of driven, passionate, goal-oriented young people, the opportunities are endless. This unique community has always been important to USPA’s fabric. USPA builds athletes up, hosts an environment of shared experiences meant to motivate, and keeps standards high. 

As driven, passionate, goal-oriented students, USPA has also created a system to help students focus on their goals and guide them along the pathway to success. Students often come to USPA with a goal in mind. Typically, they fit into one of three categories: Olympic, career, or college. Understanding their goals from day one, USPA customizes courses, schedules, timing, and other details in order to keep students focused and directed down the pathway of their choice. Of course, some students change goals along the way which is completely fine. We simply adjust where necessary. The keys are open communication, focus, and flexibility along the way. 

With a school of like-minded athletes, USPA understanding their strengths and struggles, and using athletes’ natural goal-oriented approach, US Performance Academy has created an ideal educational environment for high performance athletes. 

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