5 Concepts from US Performance Academy for Future Choice and Freedom

  1. Freedom of Choice is a Modern Luxury

Imagine for a moment you could not choose the luxury of distance learning, the pursuit of your dream, or even a basic education. Today more than at any point in our lifetimes, COVID-19 has provided a clear example on how limited our lives might really look like. Using our recent experiences in the midst of a pandemic, I ask you to consider you have lost your ability of choice. No. More. Choice. All of your energy is given to survive; hunt, farm, or scavenge for food to eat when you are hungry. Sleep when only necessary due to exhaustion. Your activity level no longer is dedicated to your sport or talent, but only for health and strength for greater benefit of survival. You are only limited to what you as a person alone could achieve every moment of a new day without the gift of your formal learning, your developed athletic or artistic skills, and the choices you have been allowed to make which has provided for you to this date. Nothing is provided to or for you from anyone.

Unfortunately there are still places in this world where this is all true; communist or dictatorship nations which limit or infringe upon the rights of its people, and crush the creativity of the human spirit, or worse. Our own U.S. history and political leaders have periods of a grave past, amongst its many achievements and successes for our own people. We are still the greatest nation in the world for humanism, but the world continues to demonstrate callousness against humanity in a multitude of ways. For all the complexities of our daily lives in the struggle to not just survive, but thrive as the American dream is advertised, we still have the privilege to make the best choice we can for ourselves as we navigate a future. Against many odds, you still have a choice.  You are free.

  1. Investment in Yourself First

As a result of this freedom, you choose to pursue things that bring you joy.  A sense of self. Of security in mind and spirit. Dedication to study will someday allow you to choose amongst your many more complex options and lead to security of choice. The security of an academic resume built and owned by only you becomes a platform for future rewards. You will have made the choice to work hard to have earned a high school diploma. Dedication to your sport is commendable, and the fruits of your efforts to this point have been bountiful. However, today’s achievement will be tonight’s memory. 

I urge you to consider an investment in academic learning so you have choice in your future, of sharing the same level of focus and challenge as you do in your training, which will result in a compounding account that you alone own. This account, this personal asset of ownership can be drawn upon forever! As you commit to educational challenges at USPA, achieve lesson by lesson, and build your academic connections with USPA faculty, your educational account grows. Your collective academic experiences compound at the same time you aim to achieve understanding of complex relationships in Math, connect Social Sciences and how the past, if it does not repeat, certainly rhymes as we study History. How does our human history relate to the social unrest and challenges we see today? What can we learn so as not to repeat the tragedies of our past, yet build upon great successes? Or, in English let us be open to comprehension.  Let your mind focus in order to wander. Let us help you piece together the puzzles which are locked in plain view within the words of brilliant authors.  As we learn to comprehend and understand how to use the basic tools of reading comprehension, our minds can expand to wander through our own thoughts in connection with our experiences. We will help build your foundation for effective thought translation and reading comprehension into a foundation which will expand to great heights, with no concern for how high the intellectual tower rises.  Unlike the tallest buildings and structures in the world, our minds have no limits. 

  1. Passing (checked that box) Versus Knowledge (Power!)

Regardless of your achievement in athletics, or great wealth if you are fortunate, a strong academic career with USPA will provide you with something that will serve security your entire life. If the success of your athletic or skilled pursuits require the strength and health of the body, the mind, and spirit, you will be well warned if I told you to treat your studies in the sciences with all the seriousness you might measure the performance of your equipment, in how you prepare your instruments, your tools of your trade, or of how you are able to erase a tenth of a second, or a sliver of a degree on an angled approach. As in athletics, art, music, and other physical or cognitive human endeavors, academics must be met with a detailed focus as well. When you choose an online education you must uncover the facts of academic content but that only checks the boxes! It is not enough.  Challenge yourself to understand the content for application in future complex thinking. Making those neural connections will translate into the power of curiosity and independent thinking.  

  1. Digital Learning Alone is not a Systems Based Answer – but US Performance Academy is

These challenges are not meant to be achieved alone, and fortunately USPA has invested in a system and network that will ensure your success. A caveat though; success is only possible with your initial and ongoing dedication to your study.  Without your engagement in working together with us, your likelihood of poor performance is only increased. Would the best athletes in the world, or most talented musicians or performers excel without coaches? Without mentors?  Without support? Without being taught by those who have come before them? I challenge you to consider they would not attain all that is within their reach. So too will USPA faculty and staff work with you together as one team on behalf of your support. We will act as support, as sentries along this academic journey in order to guide and protect you from the dangers which may present.  

Your courses are designed with great detail according to the most stringent standards in the nation, narrated and presented in a way for you to gather all the data for which you will be tested upon. In addition to the course content, USPA employed faculty will be your guide in each of your core courses in order for you to attend on a regular basis with a multitude of communications platforms. USPA Learning Coaches will help keep you on pace with not just your courses, but to assist in your academics, course logistics, pertinent dates and reminders, as well as mentorship. Our dedicated USPA College Counselors will guide your high school careers in conjunction with plans for post-HS pursuits, all within the parameters of being cognizant of NCAA eligibility and standardized testing opportunities, access to scholarship information, and assistance with your college application process.  

  1. Choose US Performance Academy

We know how independent and driven you are, and we expect you to achieve academic success. Choice in life is not a birthright, and we are here to provide you the best support as you pursue your options for your future. By enrolling in US Performance Academy, you have already taken a very wise choice.  Welcome, Students of 2020-21.

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