As many families look for alternatives to traditional education, online learning is exploding. While this is good news for students, especially those who pursue other interests such as athletics, the arts, traveling, or other endeavors, there are still challenges to this new learning environment. 

USPA student at our NH Learning Center taking notes during her online course

At US Performance Academy we cater and focus on online education and student development. True there are no specific classroom constraints but just because you don’t have to be in a room from 8am to 3pm, there is still much to be done. Part of our process is helping students negotiate their time appropriately so they have the time they need for their non academic interests and pursuits.

There is a popular misconception that in an online classroom there is more free time and perhaps less work. Nothing can be farther from the truth. If anything students work harder in an online classroom because students are independent learners. There can be more reading and note taking depending on how best you learn. Online learning can be isolating at times and it takes a special student to be able to navigate this world. 

If you are a student at USPA, there is a system in place that has proven successful for many students. We have teachers who are only an online video call a way to work with you one on one, may it be on how to construct a five paragraph essay or how to solve that pesky polynomial equation. If you prefer email or phone, we do that too. Students can be taking a break from the ski slopes in one part of the world, while working with USPA teachers who reside in another. In this online learning environment the teachers are brought to you. 

Time management is vital to success. Without a concrete schedule, such as a specific time set aside for school work or the work ethic to put in the time to complete assignments, it’s close to impossible to be on top of the academic demands presented. At USPA we have learning coaches assigned to each student with a specific goal to help you setup an academic schedule that works best for you. If you are capable and motivated, your class work can be done on weekends, over the summer, or other times you aren’t busy. By working together with your learning coach, your newest cheerleader, a schedule can be setup that truly caters to you. 

In an online classroom, a student has to be proactive in the learning process. Sure this is true in the brick and mortar school, but even more so online. If you are working on angle relationships you can’t move on to the next topic effectively until you have mastered the first. A proactive student will promptly reach out to his/her teacher for help or will seek another resource to get these concepts down. The student doesn’t just move along after a poor quiz, but will go back and review where mistakes were made. At US Performance Academy, between the teachers and the learning coaches, students will learn how to be proactive if they aren’t to begin with. There are no students left behind.

It can be said those that succeed best in online education are self motivated learners, who are able to manage time effectively, and are proactive in the learning process. That same learner isn’t afraid to ask questions or work with their teachers. If you are that type of learner and need to find an alternative to the traditional classroom, online learning could be for you. Even if you are not that type of learner yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be. US Performance Academy has the educators and learning community in place where any student can be successful.  

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