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At USPA, School Goes Where You Go

Achieve your golfing goals without
 sacrificing a quality education.

USPA is designed by athletes and educators. Our approach specifically benefits student-athletes who are training, traveling, and competing. At USPA, we work with your family’s schedule so that you’ll never worry about a missed school day again. Learn when, where, and how you do it best!

The Golf Channel’s Ryan Burr on USPA:

“Without USPA, there isn’t enough time in the day to train properly for golf and still keep your education at the highest level.”
“The best online program to get your son or daughter ready for college. A personal trainer for your school work!”

A Personal Trainer for your School work

USPA Teachers and learning coaches understand and support every student’s unique learning style. Utilizing our proprietary software, USPA creates and facilitates an academic calendar created by the student, not the school.
USPA supports an academic calendar created by the student, not the school
A Personalized Curriculum
USPA Course Catalog

We offer our student-athletes a variety of courses in which they can excel while enjoying the flexibility to get work done at a pace that complements the demands of an elite golfer.

Where our golfers are going:

What our Student Golfers are saying

USPA has been a game-changer for our family. We cannot overstate the positive impact USPA has had on Maya’s success. We love her school and can’t possibly thank the team enough!”

Maya Gaudin, USPA Student, Golf

Anthony is absolutely thriving at USPA. Being able to work at his own pace and also enjoy the sport he works so hard at has been a complete game changer for him. We have the freedom to travel from state to state for golf tournaments, which keeps him playing at a high level while also on top of his school work.”

Anthony Primo, USPA Student, Golf

“USPA has done nothing but support my family and I. I travel wherever I need to for golf. This travel does not effect my school work at all. Thank you, USPA!”

Lev Grinberg, USPA Student, Golf


96% of Our Students Attend College or Play Professionally

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