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At USPA, School Goes Where You Go

Achieve your equestrian goals without sacrificing a quality education.

USPA is designed by athletes and educators. Our approach specifically benefits student-athletes who are training, traveling, and competing. At USPA, we work with your family’s schedule so that you’ll never worry about a missed school day again. Learn when, where, and how you do it best!

Ski Racing’s Edith Morgan on USPA:

“At USPA flexibility is strength and diversity is the norm.”
“At USPA the very flexibility that facilitates impressive athletic accomplishments also naturally brings along invaluable experiential learning.”

A Personal Trainer for your School work

USPA Teachers and learning coaches understand and support every student’s unique learning style. Utilizing our proprietary software, USPA creates and facilitates an academic calendar created by the student, not the school.
USPA supports an academic calendar created by the student, not the school
A Personalized Curriculum
USPA Course Catalog

We offer our student-athletes a variety of courses in which they can excel while enjoying the flexibility to get work done at a pace that complements the demands of an elite equestrian athlete.

Where our athletes are going:

Our Community

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What our Student Athletes are saying

“I wanted an option that would allow me to access prime morning training. USPA was the ideal solution. It allowed me to train and compete at the highest level, and also to complete courses at my own pace. That meant taking a couple summer courses to lighten my academic load in winter. Compared to my peers, I found I devoted more energy to skiing, and less to being stressed about school deadlines. They were far more worried, and I think it took more of a toll.”

Allison Mollin, USPA Alumni, Ski Racing – US Ski Team

USPA was crucial for me in my journey to being signed to a professional soccer team. My teachers and learning coach enabled my studies to be very flexible, yet still rigorous. I am grateful for all the support!”

Malcolm Fry, USPA Student, New England Revolution

The support of my learning coach meant the world to me. Without his guidance and encouragement through the tough times, I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today. The entire experience at USPA had an immense impact on me and prepared me to be my best self at the US Coast Guard Academy.”

Laura Slovensky, USPA Alumni, Sailing