USPA’s Elite Talent Scout Partnership works with trusted advisors to guide student-athletes toward their highest potential.

Today we announced the launch of its Elite Talent Scout Partnership. Designed to help elite athletes in grades 6-12 achieve success both academically and athletically, the new partnership works with top-level coaches, mentors, and sports agents to connect young athletes with the school. 

“Behind every great athlete is a team dedicated to coaching, advising, and guiding young people,” said USPA Founder and President Peter Smith. “Working together, we can give USPA student-athletes their greatest shot at success in athletics, academics, and  life.” 

USPA’s unique, asynchronous online learning model provides motivated student-athletes with the flexibility needed to train, travel, and compete at the highest levels of their chosen sports.

One of the first Elite Talent Scouts is Michael Spencer, a well-respected sports agent of One Sports and Entertainment Group, LLC, whose clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, national team members, and top professionals. Spencer is known for his unique ability to help guide his athletes to personal and professional success. 

“I am looking forward to representing USPA as they create a team of influencers who can offer this innovative learning platform to their elite athletes,” said Spencer. “The ability to attend school on the athlete’s schedule is a game changer for driven student-athletes working to achieve their athletic and academic goals.”  

USPA is unlike any other online school. Fully accredited and NCAA approved, USPA provides 6-12 grade student-athletes with a flexible school schedule and academic calendar, and its unique support system keeps students involved, connected, and progressing. The new partnership opens up a doorway for elite young athletes to achieve their future aspirations in their sport without missing a beat in school.

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