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Dorothy Greenshields Thrives in USPA’s GOAL Program

Written by: Megan Burch, Director of Marketing

At US Performance Academy we recognize that highly competitive student-athletes bring a myriad of learning styles to the educational process. Our GOAL program was made for student athletes that learn differently. GOAL’s mission is to embrace the ever-evolving learning profiles found among middle and high school students. Whether a student has a specific learning disability, ADHD, is gifted, is twice-exceptional, or has a condition that requires an accessible educational environment, US Performance Academy is intentional in providing appropriate support to students and families.

We sat down with USPA Student Athlete Dorothy Greenshields. Dorothy is a sophomore at USPA. She ski races out of Austria, her family resides in Dover, NH.

Q: Tell us about you!

Dorothy: “I am a ski racer pursuing my dreams of competing at the highest level in Austria. I am from Dover, NH but I have dual citizenship. My father is a citizen of Great Britain. I ski race for team Ambition based out of Leogang, Austria. My team and coaches are wonderful & it’s just such a natural fit, all the while I can focus on my school work with US Performance Academy no matter where I am in the world.“

Q: Why US Performance Academy?

Sarah Greenshields, Dorothy’s mom: “We knew that Dorothy learned differently. We knew we needed a school that could accommodate her learning style (Dorothy is dylexic). The traditional ski academy in the US did not feel like an inclusive learning environment from the programs they offered academically. USPA launched their GOAL Program just before we started with the school and it’s the best decision we have made for Dorothy and her learning.“<

Dorothy: “This is the first time I feel like I fit in and can be my total self when in the classroom. I never had the confidence. The GOAL program allows me to learn as me, and I am thriving in this academic environment.”