1. Online classes are available at any time of the day! There have been many studies done that show teenagers do not perform well academically in the early morning hours. However, most traditional high schools start at somewhere between 7- 8 am because of busing, sports and a variety of other issues. With online classes the class is available at any time of the day. If the student finds they are most productive in the evening they can log in at that time and work on the program. This is an enormous benefit for students who are not at their optimal cognitive level in the early morning hours. This is also helpful if a student is working. They can then continue to complete their education at a time that fits their schedule.
  1. Students can work at their own pace. This is extremely important when a student has other obligations, whether it be to sport training, work related commitments or even health constraints. Most programs give an end date for the course to be completed and some sort of pacing guide to help keep the student on track to complete the course ontime.
  1. US Performance Academy provides each student with a learning coach who can help the student stay on track to finish within the given time frame.
  1. Online learning is individualized. Students can take the courses they need, at a comfortable performance level (college prep, honors, AP). By committing to online education, students can take the courses necessary for graduation. They do not need to “fill the schedule with electives”. This allows students to put total focus on the core courses for graduation. There are, of course, elective courses available and the students may opt to take some courses in which they show an interest. 
  1. Students don’t need to waste time on concepts they understand while the rest of the class catches up. If a student reaches a unit in the program that they understand well they can continue on with the work. In a traditional classroom setting students are often held in place because others in the class do not grasp the subject as well as they do. The entire class needs to perform at a certain level before the teacher will move on. In online classes the student moves on when they understand the concept.
  1. Flexibility is probably the most important factor in online education. Students work at their own pace. If they find they have a lot of time on a given day they can complete several units in a class and then not have to worry about that class if the next few days are very busy. Some students work better if they take just one class at a time. This allows them to focus on the subject and complete the course before moving on to another subject. In a traditional high school the students have up to 8 class periods a day with 8 different subjects. For some students this is too fragmented for continuity. In an online setting the student can have more control over how many different classes they take at one time. This allows them to be more focused on the subject they are learning.

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