Can You Relate?

Trying to find the balance between athletics and academics?

USPA offers an academic solution by integrating school into your daily athletic routine. Created by competitive athletes and educators, US Performance Academy understands the challenges encountered by student-athletes and their families. We’ve helped athletes just like you find the balance in order to meet and exceed their academic and athletic goals.

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Common Challenges

The families we talk to share their struggles, questions, and experiences with us and we strive to solve the problems they face within academics. There are many overlapping struggles within the community of competitive athletes. Take a look below to see if you share in these experiences.

“I’m tired of the packets of homework and stacks of books I have to take with me when I take time away from school to travel for a competition. I feel like I’m just checking the boxes and not really learning anything.”

SOLUTION: Our learning environment can be taken anywhere with a wifi connection. No more books, binders, loose papers, or packets. All of the course material lives digitally and functions as a classroom at your fingertips. You even have access to real people who are available to meet wherever you are, whether at the top of the slope, side of the river, or on the sidelines.

“My daughter loves her sport, but in order to provide the best opportunities, we are up at 5 every morning to rush out the door for early training, then school at 8, then more training after school.  Then a rushed dinner and 2.5-3 hours of homework only to hope to be in bed by 11 and trying to calm down. It’s too much and developmentally impossible for her. We will burn out.”

SOLUTIONUSPA understands what athletes require to remain at the top of their game. With a flexible academic platform, students can access their courses wherever they happen to be and whenever it fits their schedule. There is no homework. Courses are assessed in real time, so at the end of a long day of traveling, training, or competing, they don’t need to worry about hours of extra work.

“The absences from school became a nightmare, logistically. We’d return home from an event, arriving late the night before, and my son would have to prepare for 2 quizzes and a test to make up over the next 2 days.  That didn’t include the homework he had to do or makeup. In the end, he was just trying to slide by instead of truly preparing and excelling in his courses.”

SOLUTIONThere are no absences at USPA.  Depending on your pathway (collegiate, professional, or Olympic) we work with our Chief of Academics and Director of College counseling to build an individual learning plan.  That plan includes goals for completion and, with our school’s mastery-based platform, students can move at their own pace and even accelerate their learning.

“Our experience with online schools in the past has been so impersonal. Logging in, calling an 800 number, and waiting days for answers to our questions… we didn’t feel like a part of a community. The only interaction with other athletes, students, or parents was at practice or competition.”  

SOLUTIONCommunity is a big part of USPA. Whether it’s parent coffee socials, all school meetings, our mentoring program, student break-outs, etc, we are always providing opportunities to connect our student-athletes, parents, and coaches. Plus, USPA families have the personal cell phone number of their learning coach, so they always have someone there for support. Online does not have to equate to impersonal. 

“My daughter was enrolled in a public, free, virtual school. We struggled to find support with questions, and I rarely knew who she was interacting with. I just haven’t been able to find a school that really understands what she goes through as an athlete. We felt like just another number.”

SOLUTIONUSPA is not a signup school. Our admissions process was recognized during our accreditation process as rigorous and thorough.  You can expect your son or daughter to be connected with dedicated, like-minded student-athletes who share a love of sport and school. Included in the tuition, each student is supported from many angles by their learning coach, online teachers, tutors, college counselor, and USPA community. 

“As a parent, I need to know who is paying attention to my student-athlete’s academics. I don’t have time to be a mom and teacher.”

SOLUTION: At USPA, we take a proactive approach to each of our student’s academic programming.  It starts with the learning coach who schedules standing meetings with each of their athletes up to 3 times per week.  They work through a life skills program that has specific learning outcomes based on each student’s learning needs. Then, as a parent, you can check in with the learning coach for updates. Or simply login to the system and see, in real-time, where your student stands on all of their courses. 

“At our previous private school, we were being charged throughout the year for services that we expected to be part of the program. We had so many fees and hidden charges, we didn’t realize how much it was all going to cost us at the end.” 

SOLUTION: There are no hidden fees or charges at USPA. The tuition includes everything your child will need to be successful as a student-athlete. The annual tuition supports a flexible school calendar which gives students access to courses for 12 months from their start date. The only additional fee is for 1:1 test prep tutoring, which families can opt-into at any point.