The Prodigy’s Protégé, 7th grader Parker Peacock

Meet, USPA student, 7th grader, Parker Peacock and her mentor, Tori Colvin. Tori, a household name in hunter-jumping with a list of accomplishments that are to long for this caption and Parker following in her footsteps, earning with her pony and now trainer, Tori. Read along and learn more about these inspiring girls in the […]

Multi-Level Flexibilty

Think about the traditional student in the traditional school setting. What do you see? The same start and end times daily Specific pacing for courses 5 or 6 classes at one time Students sitting in assigned seats Single-level support Specific schedule for the day, week, semester, and year US Performance Academy has broken all the […]

Reimagine Online Learning

Picture a student who has a single point of contact they know and trust. A student working on a group project with their peers in a video breakout room.

Inside the Heart of a Student-Athlete

Athletes living all over the world attend US Performance Academy. They speak a variety of languages, compete in a wide range of sports, and all have unique backgrounds, situations, and reasons for attending USPA. Through all of these differences, successful USPA student-athletes have several traits in common.  Drive. All successful student-athletes at USPA are driven. […]

Is Online School Right for My Child?

An online school can be a great alternative to a traditional school setting for many students, but is it the right choice for your middle school or high school student?

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