The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY: by Julie Glusker, Director of School

What to Know About Advanced Placement! Many roads lead to college, but for US Performance Academy student athletes, the road is paved with perseverance and performance in sport and school. The road is also paved with a strong plan of study, and our USPA Student Success Coordinator and Learning Coach team advise students and families […]

HUMAN CONNECTION AT AN ONLINE SCHOOL by Liam Lavery, Director of Operations

“Good morning, Mr Lavery,” the students chant in chorus as I enter the classroom, elongating the phrase into a song in the way that children do. Crisp shirt, tight tie, and stiff shoes, I lay a stack of files on the oversized desk and take my place. A student calls out a question from one […]

Reimagine Online Learning

An Effective, Multi-tiered Support System for Student-Athletes What’s your impression of online learning? Is it… Hours of video calls A student alone in a room with a computer  Students emailing teachers with questions Poor technology Lack of community and support Now reimagine online learning. Picture a student who has a single point of contact they […]

Inside the Heart of a Student-Athlete

Athletes living all over the world attend US Performance Academy. They speak a variety of languages, compete in a wide range of sports, and all have unique backgrounds, situations, and reasons for attending USPA. Through all of these differences, successful USPA student-athletes have several traits in common.  Drive. All successful student-athletes at USPA are driven. […]

Is Online School Right for My Child?

In today’s digital world, more families are exploring online education opportunities for their children, and online schools are becoming popular. An online school can be a great alternative to a traditional school setting for many students, but is it the right choice for your middle school or high school student?  The following is a list […]

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Online School

Making the decision to leave a traditional learning environment for an online school can seem daunting. Although an online learning environment offers students many advantages, families can feel overwhelmed choosing an online school that works for them. Here are questions every family should ask when considering an online school: Is the School Accredited?  When a […]

What To Look For When Searching For Online Learning Schools

Online learning is a concept that is not new but that is definitely adapting to the times.  Sometimes, students struggle with online learning because of the lack of support systems within the school they are working with. When looking at online schools – families should look at support systems already embedded within the program. Is […]

What To Do For School 2020-2021

Wow, this has been one interesting school year to say the least. The 2019-2020 academic year was the first time in recent memory, perhaps ever, that schools across the nation had to shut down on campus facilities indefinitely and send students home to finish up the school year.  In a matter of days, students and […]

Online Education & Time Management

As a Learning Coach, I often tell my students that time management is the art of getting everything done that you NEED to do as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to maximize your time doing the things you WANT to do.  USPA is a unique learning environment in that students are in control […]

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