Parent Involvement Supports Online Learning Success By Kimberly Dow

Every parent knows that they are a vital part of their child’s education.  It doesn’t matter if they attend an online or a brick and mortar school. Still, new USPA parents often ask how they will be involved in the learning process.  The good news is that there are many ways that parents can impact […]

Thumb Wars By Pete Smith

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war….  It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  There is so much joy in the simple act of waiting at the bus stop with my son and having a thumb war tournament that is ongoing to 100.  The phone is off, there is a lot […]

Getting to Know You by Pete Smith

USPA parents often talk about how different our approach is as a digital school. Our entire team has leveraged their past experiences in education and has been very focused on how we can re-create those positive experiences, remaining flexible to our student body’s needs, and most importantly, providing smaller details that truly support our students […]

Welcome from USPA President

Dear USPA Families, It is a pleasure to welcome you to another “school year” at US Performance Academy. With that said, I realize many of you are months into your year already and some aren’t beginning for several weeks. That is the beauty of USPA. Each of our student-athletes is on their own customized schedule. […]

The Perception of Pressure by Pete Smith

It was amazing to watch the highlights of the Olympics last night. What struck me the most was each athlete’s ability to manage the pressure of expectation before they jumped in the pool, hopped on a beam, or dug that first oar into the water. The perception prior to each of the events was a […]

13 Apps For Athletes On The Go by Kimberly Dow

USPA athletes are always on the go and rely on a range of apps to help them with both school and training. Here is a selection of apps that our students use regularly along with a few of our top recommendations. 1. Team USA The official app of the U.S. Olympic Team.  Connect with your favorite […]

To Do Lists: The Inside Scoop by Peter Smith

To do lists; they take on many different forms. At times, creating them feels like a waste of time. Then when you do, they are overwhelmingly long. I love my lists, but it was a relationship that has taken years to come to fruition. The first date with my list was rocky at best: a […]

What USPA is Thankful For

With Thanksgiving in the air, we are reminded to ask ourselves, “What am I thankful for?” This year at USPA, we have plenty of gifts that we appreciate. Our Family That’s right, we mean you! The relationship we have with you: parents, students, & coaches. We enjoy getting to know you all in your unique […]

Game On!

By Brennan Barnard With a mix of excitement and trepidation I turn the handle on the heavy door, uniform with the small cork board affixed and the number 235 next to our names written in magic marker. “Hey, I’m Alex,” he says, a nod of his head acknowledging my presence. It was in this moment […]

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