Inside the Heart of a Student-Athlete

Athletes living all over the world attend US Performance Academy. They speak a variety of languages, compete in a wide range of sports, and all have unique backgrounds, situations, and reasons for attending USPA. Through all of these differences, successful USPA student-athletes have several traits in common.  Drive. All successful student-athletes at USPA are driven. […]

Does Online Learning Have Enough Support For Students?

Online learning is a concept that is not new but that is definitely adapting to the times.  Sometimes, students struggle with online learning because of the lack of support systems within the school they attend. When looking at online schools, families should look at support systems already embedded within the program. Is there a person […]

Don’t Waste Your Time on the Bus

Online classes are available at any time of the day! There have been many studies done that show teenagers do not perform well academically in the early morning hours. However, most traditional high schools start at somewhere between 7- 8 am because of busing, sports and a variety of other issues. With online classes the […]

Escape in a Book: 2020 Summer Reads

Written by USPA History Teacher, Amy Richard Summertime consists of warm weather, warm rains, and warm breezes.  What goes the best with all of those things?  Books.  This summer why don’t you try reading every day?  It seems like a huge burden but did you know that if you read 30 minutes a day that […]

Distance Learning: Then & Now

The technology of online course delivery has certainly come a long way since the first “distant” learning option almost three hundred years ago, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Exclusive Education Provider Chosen For FC Toro Haiti

US Performance Academy (USPA) and FC Toro in Haiti have partnered in order to provide competitive middle and high school soccer athletes with a college-prep education. FC Toro has chosen USPA as their exclusive education provider. FC Toro is inspired by passion for the beautiful game of soccer and place their children at the heart […]

GPS Partners with USPA

US Performance Academy (USPA), and Global Premier Soccer (GPS) are pleased to announced a partnership which will give GPS players access to USPA’s leading online education platform beginning with the GPS International Academy in Valencia, Spain this fall. USPA is an accredited, NCAA approved, private, online, middle & high school created for high performance athletes. […]

Parent Involvement Supports Online Learning Success By Kimberly Dow

Every parent knows that they are a vital part of their child’s education.  It doesn’t matter if they attend an online or a brick and mortar school. Still, new USPA parents often ask how they will be involved in the learning process.  The good news is that there are many ways that parents can impact […]

Thumb Wars By Pete Smith

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war….  It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  There is so much joy in the simple act of waiting at the bus stop with my son and having a thumb war tournament that is ongoing to 100.  The phone is off, there is a lot […]

Getting to Know You by Pete Smith

USPA parents often talk about how different our approach is as a digital school. Our entire team has leveraged their past experiences in education and has been very focused on how we can re-create those positive experiences, remaining flexible to our student body’s needs, and most importantly, providing smaller details that truly support our students […]

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